Regular Toastmasters Meetings

Monday February 27, 2023 7:00 PM EST to 8:00 PM EST

7:00-7:08 – President: Call to Order

President Call to Order Open

The President or Presiding Officer extends greetings to members and guests and shares the Mission Statement for our club and for Toastmasters. The President then leads the audience in a time of self-introduction and response to an ice-breaker question. A maximum of 30 seconds is allowed, per person.

The President or Presiding Officer introduces tonight’s Toastmaster and releases lectern to Toastmaster.

7:08-7:13 – Toastmaster of the Day

Toastmaster of the Day Dave Seager

The Toastmaster of the day sets the meeting theme and tone while introducing the evening’s program. Our Toastmaster will present the Word of the Day and examples of that word in common usage, a quote and the educational focus for the evening.

Meeting Theme, Word of the Day, Definition, and Quotes:

THEME: Communication today, tomorrow, and the past.

Communication certainly has quickly changed in many of our lives.  Whether we use the magnatude of platforms like social media: FB, InstaGram etc… we can sometimes reach a few to millions of people both locally and globally in some cases.  Are these platforms effecitvely helping us to improve our personal communication OR do they create communication gaps.?? We don’t know what the next modern gadget will do to change our lives-for the good or bad..??  Do we communicate better today than yesterday?? It may depend on who you ask, you will more than likely get a different answer from many.


It wasn’t long ago pre-cell phone era that homes had 1 or 2 lines coming in.  I can remember those days when were anxiously waiting for an incoming call and tried to be sure the 1 line we had was open with nobody on the phone when waiting for a friend to call us.  We graduated to call waiting, caller ID, and so on…. There are billions of phones for many of to communicate.  Did all these cell phones actually help us to communicate bettter..?? It’s a topic of discussion. How many of us have seen families at dinner all looking at their cell phones and not speaking??  Not a fan of cell phones at the dinner table… Each of us has the control to decide how we use the tools at hand. Do you think Martin Luther King’s famous speech-“I HAVE A DREAM” would been has effective by a post on FB or Instgram??  I think not!  In my opinion, words spoken by verbal communication have so much more meaning than an email or post.  


(Noun) A personal quality of presence or charm that compels it’s subjects. A divinely conferred gift, power, or talent.

EXAMPLE: She enchanted her guests with her charisma.

EXAMPLE: Adolf Hitler’s charismatic personality convinced many to follow his inhumane extreme ideas.

QUOTE: Jerry Porras- Succes Built To Last: Creating a Life That Matters

“When you put together deep knowledge about a subject that intensely matters to you, “charisma” happens.  You gain the courage to share your passion and when you do that, folks follow.”

7:13-7:14 -The General Evaluator

General Evaluator Louella Jamerson

The General Evaluator leads the evaluation team and ensures the evaluation roles are covered. They evaluate everything that takes place during the meeting.

The General Evaluator Introduces the rest of the evaluation team.

The Evaluation Team

7:14-7:15 – Speech Evaluators

Evaluator Karen Church

The Speech Evaluator evaluates one of the speeches in tonight’s meeting, explaining what they will be looking for in the speech and the feedback they will give at the end of the night.

7:15-7:16 – Ah Counter

Ah Counter Open

The Ah Counter explains the value of identifying filler words and hesitations that were used in our speech tonight.

They count and record filler words such as “ah”, “er”, and “um”. At the end of the night, the Ah Counter reports on our filler word usage at the end of meeting.

7:16-7:17 – Grammarian

Grammarian Jennifer Turner

The Grammarian identifies proper use of the English language and recognizes the use of the word of the day.

7:17-7:18 – Timer

Timer Arthur Desjardins

The Timer times each person’s presentation to ensure accurate use of the allotted times.


7:19-7:20 – Toastmaster introduces the first speech evaluator
Evaluator 2 Karen Church

The Speech Evaluator will discuss the purpose and objectives for the first speech, as well as the length of the speech.

The Toastmaster reads the prepared introduction for Speech #1 before releasing the lectern to Speaker #1.

7:20-7:27 – Speaker 1

Speaker Phil Portman

7:27-7:28 – The Toastmaster summarizes the first speech, and introduces the second Speech Evaluator.
Evaluator 3 Open

The Speech Evaluator will discuss the purpose and objectives for the first speech, as well as the length of the speech.

The Toastmaster reads the prepared introduction for Speech #2 before releasing the lectern to Speaker #2

7:28-7:35 – Speaker 2

Speaker 2 Open

Table Topics

7:35-7:36 – Toastmaster Introduces the Topics Master

7:36-7:51 – Table Topics

Table Topics Amanda Hyder

Table Topics provides an opportunity for others to practice impromptu speaking, with creative questions. Once Table Topics is complete, the Topics Master returns the lectern to the Toastmaster.

7:51-8:04 – Evaluations

Evaluation Team Louella Jamerson

The Toastmaster summarizes the speech portion of the meeting, and introduces the General Evaluator.

General Evaluator and the Evaluation Team

Each speech evaluator discusses the speech, with its strengths, areas for improvement (Glow and Grow), followed by evaluations by the rest of the Evaluation Team:

  • The Ah Counter details the improper use of filler words.
  • Our Grammarian will evaluate our use of the English language and the Word of the Day.
  • The Timer will give their report on how well we kept to the allotted times.

The General Evaluate will present an overall review before returning the lectern to the Toastmaster.

The Toastmaster makes closing comments before turning the lectern over to the President or Presiding Officer.

8:04-8:15 – Closing

The VP of Education seeks to fill roles for upcoming meetings.

VP Fills Roles for Next Open

The President invites input from our guests, summarizes upcoming events, and deals with any club business.

President Closes Open
Meeting Ends

Meeting Ends

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