Meeting Roles in Toastmasters

Toastmasters Meeting Roles


Leads the meeting. Confirms with members before the meeting to ensure all roles are covered. Prepares the agenda. Works with the topics master to pick a theme. Chooses a word of the day and an educational focus.

General Evaluator

Leads the evaluation team.
Ensures evaluation roles are covered. Evaluates everything that takes place during the meeting.


Presents a prepared speech in the designated time, based on a PathWays requirements.

speech evaluator

Explains the role of an evaluator. Reads the speaker’s project goals. Evaluates a speaker’s presentation with positive comments and suggestions for improvement.


Times the speakers, table topic responses, and evaluations. Reports at the end of the meeting.


Listens for incorrect grammar. Notes exceptionally good word usage. Keeps track of who uses the word of the day (WOTD) and distributes candy to those who used the word of the day. Reports at the end of the meeting.

Ah counter

Counts and records filler words such as "ah", "er", and "um". Reports on our filler word usage at the end of meeting.


Works with the toastmaster to pick a theme. Makes up open-ended questions related to the theme. Tells visitors they may take part or pass. Chooses members without a role first, guests next, and finally members with minor roles to answer table topics questions.

Are you new to Toastmasters?

If you’re new to Toastmasters and are interested in finding out more about our Greater Davision Area Toastmasters meetings, we have put together a visitor’s guide for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

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